Commercial Farms employ different types of growing systems that are suitable for the crop growth. At Hyperfarms, we decide the growing system based on the crop, market, weather and budget for the farm. Broadly the growing systems are categorized into two. Hydroculture and Substrate culture.

Hydroculture – Growing Crops in Water 

In Hydroculture, the plants are grown in nutrient rich water. Hyperfarms offers the following types of g growing systems. These systems save upto 80% of water when compared to conventional way of growing. Uniform produce quality and clean produce is additional advantage.


NFT stands for Nutrient Film Technique in which a thin film of nutrient rich water flows through the channel where the roots are in contact with water.

NFT Systems offer excellent capabilities for clean and safe food production. With our modularly designed systems, planting, harvesting and cleaning is such a breeze.


Deep water culture is also called Pond culture, where the crops are planted on a floating raft placed on a shallow pool of nutrient rich water.

Deep Water Culture systems are a great fit for areas with very hot weather conditions. It offers excellent buffering to high temperature in the rootzone. Hyperfarms offers DWC systems for leafy crops.


For urban gardens with space contraints, Hyperfarms offers a unique multi-layer NFT growing system. With 30% increase in yield, urban farms become more efficient.

Advantages of Nutrient Film Technique System

  • 80% less water consumption
  • Uniform Produce
  • Free from soilborne pests
  • Free From Weeds
  • Very clean produce
  • Ergonomic
  • Repeatability of crops
  • Year round production
  • Easy to maintain


For Fruiting vine crops such as Tomatoes, Peppers and cucumbers,  Hyperfarms offers grow bags with coco coir substrate as a growing system. This system is very economic and produces high yields.

Substrate Culture  choices

Grow bags with Coco coir

With the right nutrition and irrigation regime, grow bags with coco coir perform the best. This system is best suited for the Indian context.

Bato buckets with perlite

With the ability to collect and reuse drainage from the plants, bato buckets are an excellent choice for areas with water shortage. This system is high on water saving.


Step 1

– Understand the customer requirements based on crop, market, geography and budget

– Propose a suitable growing system and a high level costing

– An agreement is signed when the customer agrees for the proposal

Step 2

 – Site survey is conducted and a accurate plan for the farm, project cost is arrived it.

– Upon agreeing to goahead, the customer approves the cost and the design. Initiates the payment.

– Hyperfarms starts the installation process.

Step 3

Hyperfarms starts the installation process. The customer is provided with contacts of the vendors for products outside of Hyperfarms’ scope. Customer is free to choose any one as long as the specs are right.

Providing customers continuous update on installation process, keeps them informed.

Upon Installation, the project is handed over.

Step 4

Post installation, crop production starts. We support the grower for the first crop till harvest.

The entire staff is trained on the following aspects

  – Nursery Management

  – Nutrient Management

  – Crop Management & Harvest

  – Integrated Pest management.

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